Our Mission

In light of the constant terrorization and persistent undermining of our most cherished institutions, and the leveling of all horizons in our society, the need for a clarification and reevaluation of the premises, principles, and values of our society and our way of life is as evident today (if not more) as it was during… Read More »Our Mission

On Democracy

The following excerpt comes from the brilliant work of C.S. Lewis entitled Screwtape Proposes a Toast.  I hope the article will illuminate some of the problems of Democracy. At the bottom of the article is an appendix that will clarify some of the terms and ideas within the C.S. Lewis article. Enjoy!- C.S. Lewis  ON DEMOCRACY Hidden in the heart… Read More »On Democracy

Introduction to Technology I

  Our first step in understanding the problems of technology is to attempt to grasp what technology is—no easy matter. We must first start with the phenomenon as given, that is with the term itself. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, its meaning is defined as, “the practical application of knowledge in a particular area,” or… Read More »Introduction to Technology I


Preface Our penchant for, and appreciation of technology’s comforts and conveniences, its relief from drudgery and want, have grown proportionally to its advancement and success. As technology has advanced in combating diseases, in producing an ever-increasing abundance of life’s material goods and an unending stream of innovations, so has our dependence and appreciation for it… Read More »Preface

The Story of Technology

Preamble  Sophocles, Oedipus Tyrannus  Oedipus: “You pray to the gods?  Let me grant your prayers.” Tiresias: “So, you mock my blindness?  Let me tell you this.  You with your precious eyes, you’re blind to the corruption of your life, to the house you live in, those you live with-who are your parents?  Do you know?  All… Read More »The Story of Technology

Nature Of International Terrorist Organization

The Nature of International Terrorist Organizations  By Stefan Sandor   The nature of international terrorist organizations have become more complex in our time enabling them to survive and surpass the challenges and pressures of governments, either regional or further remote.  Therefore, in contradistinction to the classical approach of combating terrorist organizations by treating them as… Read More »Nature Of International Terrorist Organization

Parental Rights II

Parental Rights II By Stefan Sandor  Parental rights has been a topic of little interest to philosophers and thinkers throughout the ages, perhaps because most societies took for granted that parents have certain rights in regards to rearing and educating their offsprings. It is only recently that we have been confronted with the issue of… Read More »Parental Rights II


Immigration a right, or a privilege? by Stefan Sandor Immigration is a privilege not a right. When we say that “we have a fundamental right to do such and such” we are invoking more than a mere right. We are invoking a right arising from actions and activities that are inseparable from the human existence… Read More »Immigration


The Gender-Neutral Society and Manliness By Stefan Sandor “A manliness, that seeks glory in risk and cannot abide the rational life of peace and security” Given our overwhelming acceptance of gender-neutral society and the abolishment of sex differences I thought it best to give a defense of the quality of manliness rather than a defense… Read More »Manliness